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Coming Soon – Microsoft VIVA Sales for a Modern Selling Experience

Coming Soon – Microsoft VIVA Sales for a Modern Selling Experience

Over the past years, there have been significant changes in how we work, which go far beyond where we do our job, either in an office, at home, or somewhere in between.

According to Microsoft, in today’s hybrid environment, employees expect more from their employers in terms of the tools used, the hours spent, and the places they work. This is one area sales representatives or teams are affected.

Hiring more sales skills for the sales team is neither better nor more profitable. In actuality, the reverse is true. As stated in a sales study, 34% of sales professionals devote their time to selling. In contrast, most sales teams struggle with data entry, quote creation, and other activities that divert their attention from clients. This, therefore, calls for a balance.

Every organization needs a digitalized fabric that connects people, and Microsoft Teams is at the center of this fabric. It is also strengthened by the productivity tools of Microsoft 365, the digital employee experience of Microsoft Viva, and the strength and security of Windows.

Time is money for sellers, and relationships are essential. To enhance the modern selling experience, a new and more efficient sales system has been introduced. On June 16th, Microsoft introduced Viva Sales, a unique platform that integrates the most intriguing elements of modern marketing, sales, and customer support. This application is said to bring together any CRM, Microsoft Teams, and 365 to create a more reorganized and AI-powered selling experience.

Viva Sales addresses the main issues that sales organizations and independent sellers frequently encounter. These include the need for manual data entry, the absence of recommendations based on AI, and the lack of customer engagement analytics in productivity apps. With Viva Sales, companies will be able to reduce the time spent on administrative and other non-sales tasks.

In this article, we’ll look at Viva Sales, its benefits to sales teams, the future of Viva Sales, and more.

What’s Viva Sales?

Viva Sales is the most recent addition to the Microsoft Viva package. If you don’t know about Microsoft Viva Suite, Microsoft Viva is a collection of components that serves as an employee experience platform. Microsoft 365 supports the Viva experience, which aims to provide a suite of tools across learning, resources, insights, knowledge, and communications.

According to Microsoft, Viva Sales is the most advanced AI-driven sales system available. The goal of Viva Sales is to reduce the amount of information that sales teams manually compile when using Microsoft Teams, Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 Office plans.

Microsoft Viva Sales offers all the tools salespeople use right to their desks, as well as logs and monitors everything automatically so they can concentrate on clients and close deals. Viva Sales is a clever CRM partner that streamlines seller tasks while enhancing CRM.

How Viva Sales Benefits Sale Teams

The key benefit for businesses to adopt Viva Sales is that it is already (naturally) connected with widely used and favored Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Other benefits include:

Does not require manual data entry

Say goodbye to manually entering data into programs like Excel, Outlook, etc. With Viva Sales, there is no longer a need for manual data entry into CRM systems.

By allowing sync with Microsoft 365, all the systems and apps that connect to Microsoft 365 will collect the data from different places and save it on Viva Sales, which will alleviate the hassle of access and tracking. Additionally, coworkers will be able to see the customer engagement data through Microsoft Teams and Office apps.

Ease of customer recording and sharing.

Viva Sales gives salespeople the resources they need to do their duties while also giving sales leaders the insights they require. Sellers can tag customers while working in Outlook, Teams, or Office programs like Excel, and Viva Sales will instantly record it as a customer record, overlaid with all related customer data.

Without having to retype or search for it in a CRM, this data can be quickly shared with team members while working together in Office and Teams.

Supported by data and AI

Additionally, Viva Sales offers AI-driven recommendations to help sellers and sales teams improve their sales conversion rates, increase customer engagement, replace confusion and boredom in sales conversations with an emotional connection, and optimize follow-through with the best next steps, reminders, and recommendations to speed up and close more sales.

King of listening in sales

Microsoft Viva Sales is an indispensable sales system for a company that values real-time data analytics, sales effectiveness, and AI.

Viva Sales will train your sales team to be top-notch listeners, engagers, and convincers! Its strong conversation intelligence in Teams will guarantee easily accessible smart information regarding various sales activity-related actions, such as call quality, talk-to-listen ratio, and more.

Viva and CRM: A replacement?

Viva Sales is not a replacement for CRMs. Instead, it improves and makes it simpler for the current users to get more data from their CRM and boosts the functionality of other platforms for customer engagement like Teams and Microsoft 365.

According to Microsoft, Viva Sales is a reliable and smart CRM companion that simplifies seller tasks while enhancing their CRM. The CRM system, which does not have to be Dynamics 365, will be able to seamlessly synchronize data with any and all of the sales and marketing teams’ communications tools, including Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Microsoft is giving the sales teams complete control by offering Viva Sales. These teams can now access numerous CRM databases and tools to strengthen their sales pitch and gather information.

With Viva Sales, sales representatives will be able to meet more individuals, turn them into customers, and foster lasting relationships since they will have access to all of the data in one location.

Reimagining the sales experience

Viva Sales is like a sales tutor to close deals with tips and reminders. Thanks to integrated AI, this intelligence layer gives sellers the knowledge they require to increase productivity.

34% of sales professionals devote their time to selling.

In contrast, most sales teams struggle with data entry, quote creation, and other admin activities.

On June 16th, Microsoft introduced Viva Sales.

A unique platform that integrates elements of modern marketing, sales, and customer support.

How Viva Sales Benefits Sale Teams

  • Does not require manual data entry
  • Ease of customer recording and sharing.
  • Supported by data and AI
  • King of listening in sales

Need a Shift to Viva Sales?

Ready to boost your sales and foster a good relationship with your customers? Shift to Viva Sales. X-Centric IT Solutions can guide you to the right solutions to boost your business sales and help you set up your Viva Sales dashboard.

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