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Three ways that Cyber security has transformed business in 2021

COVID-19 has brought new dimensions to technological advancements, and many people have now adopted the internet as an efficient business platform. The physical activities are now accomplished virtually. Most business organizations have been constrained to work virtually using cyberspace, putting themselves at the risk of becoming prey to cyber-attacks. Consequently, cybersecurity for organizations has transformed business organizations in various ways to safeguard their data. Cybersecurity is vital for business transformation in 2021. It is now possible to transit from all forms of traditional businesses to digital business operations through secure online transactions and information processing.

In this article, we will learn three ways that cybersecurity has helped transform business chains to improve performance, revenue, and efficiency in 2021.

Business Digitization 

Due to the Covid-19 effects on business operations, digitization has become a key strategy in mitigating the effects. It integrates digital technology with business operations to increase revenue, improve operations, and enhance business value. It involves the use of the internet to process, store, and access information.

As the pandemic intensified the online work, adopting cloud data systems has been the main ally for business organizations. However, with the increasing use of the cloud, the threats of cyber attacks have been acute. To tackle those attacks, the Cybersecurity teams have developed some new dimensions for cloud adoption. They have adopted cloud management programs from top Cybersecurity consultants like X-Centric IT solutions to remain safe from Cyberattacks, thereby introducing the new way of business. Business digitization makes the organization’s information and customer data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This can impact the business reputation and halt operations leading to huge losses. A good example is Equifax, an American credit agency that experienced a data breach that affected over 180 million customers. So, sophisticated X-Centric Cyber Security services is efficient for digital transformation and business growth.

Enhancing Business Growth.

Cybersecurity has enabled business digital evolution by offering protection to the systems and information from unauthorized access. This prevents all the cyber attack inconveniences such as loss of information which have harmful and devastating effects on business performance. This results in better chances of business success and growth.

When an organization is under cyber-attack and information leaks to the public, the company is likely to perform poorly and incur huge losses. This is due to loss of consumer trust, trade disruptions, and expensive lawsuits. For instance, the breach at Equifax caused a 13% drop in its shares the following day. Another efficient option that has been adopted for Cybersecurity is XDR, i.e, Extended Detection and Response – one of the service offerings by X-Centric IT Solutions. 

As the online works have made visibility of the data of the business workers and customers more accessible than ever and making them vulnerable, the Cybersecurity teams have adopted this option in detecting the cyber threats coming to the data and to take action to avert the same. For example, a cyber incident that has caused alerts on a server, network, and application can be correlated to enable visibility and context into the incident.

Prevent Cyberattacks


Without a carefully selected cybersecurity program, employees working from home will be vulnerable to more cyber attacks, which will pose severe threats to their business. Online business owners are well aware of this fact; this is why it is pertinent that they put every possible measure to protect their data by employing Cyber security companies to ultimately help them transform their physical work into a successful remote business.

The high risk posed by cybercrime necessitates the development and employment of cyber security policy for every digital company. Earlier, it was not much emphasized by the business heads, and it has become a necessity in the current era where it has become essential to work remotely and run the business through software connections. Now, cybersecurity is becoming practicable and can have a positive impact on the growth of a business. The absence of cybersecurity can open the doors for many cybercriminals attacks, which can lead to considerable losses for the company.

Increasing Brand Awareness.

Establishing an online presence for a business is a great way to create brand awareness and attract ideal customers worldwide. Thus, cybersecurity becomes an essential factor in establishing an excellent business reputation. This helps win customers’ trust by associating your business with high customer data security.

When an organization is involved in a data breach, customers tend to lose their faith in the brand. In most cases, they opt to purchase goods or services from the competitors, and this can lead to poor performances and increased brand awareness for their competitors. 


As online work through cloud adoption has increased, the business organizations’ network security system has been transformed by the cybersecurity teams from the LAN-based model to the cloud-native security service model, including SASE, i.e., Secure Access Service Edge. SASE has enabled business organizations to secure remote workplaces through cloud-based security attacks effectively.

Recently, cybersecurity experts have become one of the most sought-after digital professionals. Companies that are aware of their vulnerabilities have resorted to hiring cybersecurity experts. Some have opted to outsource their cybersecurity task to organizations. 

Those organizations will be held responsible for securing the data of the company for which they are hired. Data is very vital, and companies can spend millions of dollars to ensure that they secure vital data, and this goes a long way in boosting the reputation and awareness of their brand. 

Wrapping up:

Without a doubt, the year 2021 has brought a great sigh of relief for a plethora of businesses following the pandemic that quaked both the small scale and large scale businesses in 2020. So many lessons were learnt, and one of the major lessons learnt was the digitization of businesses. Businesses without internet presence were hugely affected as people were indoors for months. A plethora of businesses has migrated to cyberspace from the lessons learned, opening more room for cybercrime. The need for cybersecurity has heightened, and X-Centric IT solutions is among the topnotch cybersecurity consultants near you that can provide efficient security for business organizations