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What Are the Best Ways to Secure Our Public Cloud Tools?


Cloud security is a practice that is essential to protect cloud computing applications and data. Safeguarding the cloud environment from unauthorized users, malware, cybercriminals, and attacks is necessary if you want to avoid the high costs associated with a data breach or compliance violation.

While many public cloud tools include cloud security features, these are not always enabled by default. When using cloud technology, you’re signing up for a “shared responsibility” model. This means that the service provider secures the data servers that host the SaaS environment and provides customers with the tools needed to secure their accounts. However, customers must do their part by using proper security configurations and putting those tools and security features to use.

One of the advantages of using public cloud services stems from the fact that users can pay for whatever they use and avoid incurring unnecessary costs on hardware.

Thus, the emergence of public cloud tools has helped solve many problems that had to do with a static, on-premises-only technology environment. However, it has also introduced numerous challenges, such as uneven data distribution and workloads created by a dispersed work environment.

Keeping track of the data used in the IT architectural environment and protecting it from malicious activities is challenging. It’s not only companies that have moved much of their operations to the cloud, hackers and criminal groups have as well. They follow the data.

This is why the number one driver of data breaches, according to IBM Security, is now credential compromise. Through stolen passwords, hackers can more easily breach a cloud environment that may be hosted in a data center owned by a large provider such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon.

Let’s dive into different public cloud tools and how to protect them.

Types Of Public Cloud Tools

Microsoft Azure

This cloud computing platform allows users to use Microsoft’s cloud services conveniently. It includes keeping or modifying data according to the user’s needs.

Amazon web services (AWS)

This tool provides a consistent experience for its users such that they can access a variety of cloud services. It aids organizations in using their specific requirements and making decisions that pertain to them with ease while leveraging various services like computing and data integration.

Google Cloud Connect

This tool helps to reduce costs by using supported hybrid applications. Organizations can comfortably make use of this tool because it can work with an organization’s existing technology.

IBM Cloud

This public cloud tool provides business enterprises with the type of infrastructure they require to establish or restructure their applications using a public cloud, private cloud, or on-site IT. It offers benefits to organizations such as speed and security.

Cisco Cloud Center

This tool is significant in deploying and managing applications in multiple work environments. This can be achieved in the presence of the data centers, private and even public clouds.

How To Secure Our Public Cloud Tools?

If you desire a means to protect public cloud tools, these are the tips for you.

Get a secure service provider

Several companies are relying on the public cloud to keep their information safe. This is because the public cloud is the most accessible. But misconfiguration often happens and leaves companies vulnerable. You can better secure your cloud environment with an IT partner, such as X-Centric. We’ll be able to properly configure security and security policies that protect all your cloud data.

Review the cloud provider’s compliance

Access the compliance audit of your service provider. Your provider’s audit documents should comply with government regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX. If the provider isn’t transparent about compliance, this means your data stored in a 3rd party SaaS app could be at risk.


In protecting public cloud tools, there is a great need to encrypt the disks using either BitLocker or DM crypt. This can be achieved by using an encryption key to lock it. After this, the key can be kept in the Azure key vault. It is only an authorized user that can access the key. As a rule, users are not expected to use credentials or SAS tokens or keep them in repositories as this can be hacked.

Azure Information Protection

This cloud-based solution helps organizations discover and protect information by attaching labels to the content. This defensive technique extends the functionality that the Microsoft 365 application provides.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of information that secures your public cloud tools. MFA is one of the best ways to ensure your cloud account passwords aren’t compromised.

Use a strong password

The use of a strong password will help to keep your information secure. A strong password combines the use of letters, numbers, and characters. A strong password makes it very difficult for unauthorized users to access sensitive information.

The Best Way To Protect Your Public Cloud Tools

There is no better way to protect your public cloud tools than employing the services of X-Centric – a professional IT solutions firm.

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