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Why Your Company Should Consider Using Passwordless Logins

Why Your Company Should Consider Using Passwordless Logins

Standard login using a username and password has been a source of security vulnerabilities for years. As a result, many enterprises are implementing passwordless login to limit the number of cyberattacks that are on the rise.

Passwordless login is a class of user login methods that do not use passwords. Logging users without passwords is an identity security strategy that eliminates the requirement for a standard password by utilizing two or more identification factors.

These factors are unique identifiers that are difficult to replicate or steal. These could be something a user possesses, such as a one-time PIN or a security key, or something a user is, such as biometric data, e.g., a fingerprint or a voice pattern.

Passwordless login can improve security and simplify user login because these elements do not need to be remembered, cannot be copied or stolen, and are more secure.

Most businesses intend to use passwordless login for both employees and customers. According to a study, passwordless login is used by 68% of IT security respondents for employees, and 64% plan to use it for customer accounts.

Going passwordless can also assist you in enforcing higher security requirements while providing a better user experience (UX) to maximize client satisfaction.

Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Passwordless Login

1. Improved cybersecurity

Despite the increased emphasis on safe password habits, most online users do not manage their passwords efficiently. Too many people are vulnerable to cyberattacks because they use weak passwords that are readily cracked or share credentials online. You can instantly seal these weaknesses by replacing passwords with a stronger login factor.

2. Prevents data loss by ex-employees

With business leaders concerned about ex-employees knowing corporate passwords, methods that readily limit unwanted access are required. Passwordless login is a step toward ensuring your company’s future by eliminating these dangers. This will make it easier to maintain the integrity of your systems and safeguard company data.

3. Improved Productivity and User Experience

Creating and remembering hundreds of passwords becomes unsustainable after a certain point. When an employee forgets their password, resetting it is frequently cumbersome. So it’s no surprise that employees use the most straightforward password they can remember, use the same password for every system or platform, or add a number or a unique character when required to change their passwords each month. Passwordless login eliminates the need for users to establish and remember passwords. Instead, they can use their email, phone, or face to authenticate.

Employees can spend the time they would have spent pondering or resetting passwords on more productive work if they can log in quickly and easily. Passwordless login can also enhance the client experience. Customers are frequently prompted to log into your website if they have an account. Passwordless login can reduce the likelihood of your platform’s abandoned shopping carts or hacked instances.

4. Reduce the need for assistance while increasing production.

Businesses have traditionally developed efforts to enforce the use of complicated passwords to improve security. For example, they must be at least a given length, contain specific characters, and expire after a specified period. While this has increased security, it has also increased staff demands. Complex passwords are more difficult to recollect, meaning more users need to write down their passwords and that closed accounts require more assistance to reopen. Passwordless login minimizes the time required for support requests, frequently a significant cost driver.

5. Improved password hygiene

Passwordless also promotes password hygiene. Because many users use the same password for many accounts, hackers can access multiple accounts with just one password.

6. Administrative Overhead is Reduced

When an employee quits a company, the password must be reset to secure the company’s data. For the administration, this can be exhausting and overwhelming. When a new user or employee is added, the administration must supply passwords, which is not the case with this method of passwordless login

7. Get rid of expensive password management techniques.

Password management is never cheap or straightforward, and rather than wasting time assuring compliance with the recommended standards, you can opt for better and more accessible alternatives. Passwordless login eliminates the need for active password management processes and the associated costs, freeing up time for more productive duties.

8. Employees get dependable and secure remote working access.

There has been an important shift in our work during the last 18 months. The majority of businesses, large and small, had to modify their operations to accommodate people working from home. With some firms permanently adopting a more hybrid working style, fraudsters gained access to many new attack vectors.

Employees working remotely are far more vulnerable than those working in offices because home connections are less secure. This makes it stress-free for fraudsters to access the company’s network. Furthermore, people have a terrible tendency to write down their passwords to remember them, and if these passwords fall into the wrong hands, it can have serious consequences.

Secure your Data and Organization Using Passwordless Login

Passwordless login lowers expenses, increases productivity, and significantly enhances a company’s cybersecurity. At X-Centric IT Solutions, we’ve seen how passwordless login improves user and customer experience, which can help your company.

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